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Hearing Care is Health Care
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Say Goodbye to
Struggling for Hearing

With Three Super-Technologies Proven to Reduce the Effects of Aging! Known for Improving Brain-Function: Working Memory, Selective Attention and Processing Speed that Enables Your Brain to Stay Fit, Healthy, and Increase mental Acuity to Overcome Hearing Loss… which is known to Increase Dementia Risk by 200-500%.

BrainHearing ™ Technology Allows You:

Increase Speech Understanding by 30% in Noise

Remember 20% More of what was Said in Conversation

Reduce the Strain and Energy of Listening by 20%


  • Connect with Family & Friends
  • Live and Actively Age
  • Engage More with Others
  • Enjoy Social & Family Events


  • Super speech Recognition
  • Location of sound sources
  • Customized sound experience
  • Increased understanding of quiet voice
  • Relaxed and effortless hearing
Watch three super technologies in action

Many of today’s hearing aids use narrow directionality to help block out external sounds. This leads to an under-stimulation of the brain and ultimately to less enjoyable and effective social interactions. OPN hearing aids are able to process sound more efficiently. The result is a clear sound that delivers a rich acoustic experience. This full soundscape empowers the brain to choose what it wants to focus on, improving speech clarity while simultaneously reducing the amount of required mental effort.

How does it work?


Speech Guard E protects speech clarity and details for you to easily understand what is being said – even in noisy surroundings.

Speech Guard works to make the world and all its sounds as clear and distinct as possible. The technology provides clinically evidenced improvements to speech understanding in noisy situations and makes it easier to engage actively in conversations. It helps to reduce the effort required to understand speech and makes it easier for you to select and switch between conversation partners.


Spatial Sound supports your brain’s ability to locate where sounds are coming from so you can respond to conversations and sounds around you.

Our ability to precisely determine where sounds are coming from can be crucial in everyday life. Your spatial hearing helps you take appropriate action when sounds come from different directions and sources, by either moving to safety or turning your head to optimise hearing conditions. Spatial Sound helps you use the differences in sound at the two ears to create the auditory world around us. This makes it easier to orientate and locate the sounds around you.


Soft Speech Booster enriches and increases the amount of details in soft speech while maintaining a high level of sound quality.

Making sense of soft sounds is an important part of making sense of a listening situation – moreover, they provide the details for understanding of soft speech. Soft Speech Booster improves soft speech understanding by up to 20% and opens the way for achieving even greater satisfaction. With the Inium Sense processor, you get more gain (hearing aid amplification) on soft speech enriching delicate moments and private conversations without compromising feedback and sound quality.

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