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Hearing Care is Health Care
San Angelo: 325-949-8351 • Abilene: 325-690-4070 • Sweetwater: 325-219-4503
Veterans & Active Military

Gary and Rachel Haun, owners of Bryant Better Hearing and the San Angelo Fyzical location, come from a tradition of military service.

Gary’s father, Master Sergeant Lewis Haun,  had a long and distinguished military career.  Gary grew up in various military installations. Military personnel and their families have always been his friends and neighbors. The sacrifices made in service to our country is something the Hauns’ know about first hand.

That is why it has always been of the utmost importance for them to provide veterans and active military with the very best quality care available anywhere. It is why they work to insure you receive all of the benefits you are due, both for your hearing care and now, with your physical therapy needs as well.

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