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Hearing Care is Health Care
San Angelo: 325-949-8351 • Abilene: 325-690-4070 • Sweetwater: 325-219-4503

Alexis Villarreal, HIS

Alexis is from San Angelo and graduated from Central High School. She studied at ASU and got her Hearing Instrument Specialist license through the State of Texas. She has four dogs that keep her busy when she’s at home! She loves to paint, make shadow boxes, and create special gifts for friends and family. Down time includes binging on Netflix and hanging out with 2-legged and 4-legged friends.

Alexis began working at Bryant Better Hearing part time while she was in college. As she watched and learned what a difference hearing aids made in a person’s life, she knew she was where God intended her to be. “I never realized how much it meant to give a sense back a someone.”

Bryant Better Hearing is a family, welcomes each patient and makes him or her feel comfortable and at home. Alexis is proud of the level of care that is given to each person who comes in for help, and of how everyone works together to make each patient feel respected.

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