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Hearing Care is Health Care
San Angelo: 325-949-8351 • Abilene: 325-690-4070 • Sweetwater: 325-219-4503

Ashlyn Sinclair, BS, HIS

Born and raised in the San Angelo area, Ashlyn graduated from Wall High School and has a degree from Texas Tech. She is happily married and the couple has two cats and a Cocker Spaniel.

Ashlyn enjoys “getting physical,” and works out daily, often running with Otis the Dog!  She enjoys hunting trips with family as well.

Interest in hearing and hearing loss began for Ashlyn at a young age, and her concentration at Tech was speech, language and hearing. Eventually she decided to specialize in audiology and has never regretted her choice. “The more I learned about hearing loss and how hearing aids work I got excited knowing I could help others to hear better by giving them a part of their life back that was missing,” she says.

The teamwork that exists at Bryant Better Hearing makes her job seem like working with family, and Ashlyn loves the camaraderie as well as her one on one time with patients.

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