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Hearing Care is Health Care
San Angelo: 325-949-8351 • Abilene: 325-690-4070 • Sweetwater: 325-219-4503

Maggie Cox

In addition to her job at Bryant Better Hearing, Maggie is a full time dog mom to her Border Collie, Ellie. This baby girl is gorgeous, playful, and very special to her human! Maggie has lived in San Angelo all her life and graduated from Central High School and Angelo State. She loves shopping, cooking and trying new recipes, is pretty “artsy/craftsy”, and loves long walks—down the aisles at Hobby Lobby!

The opportunity to change people’s lives is what most attracted Maggie to work at Bryant Better Hearing. The care and assistance the company provides to the San Angelo community inspired her to become a part of something dedicated to helping others.

Working with the other staff has been a joy. “We see so much in day to day life, and the fact that our staff genuinely cares about helping people to hear again is truly an amazing experience.”

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